We are 2

We are 2, it is our 2nd birthday, hooray!

The time has flown by. We’ve been creating video content for lots of interesting people. Lots of miles traveling up and down the country to get to some great destinations. Planning calls, zoom chats, travelling to film shoots, overnight stays, early starts, late finishes, long drives back into the night. We’ve flown the drone in cities and in the country. We’ve had rain and we’ve had sun. But it has all been worth it.


Roll on the next 2 years!


Golf Course Videos

This time last year we were discussing a project for North Berwick Golf Club. They wanted to raise their profile and get themselves onto the list of must-play courses in their region. They are 20 miles East of Edinburgh, and that area takes in many golf courses.

We discussed the options and agreed on a video that follows 3 friends visiting and playing the course. The planets aligned and we got some great weather and great shots. We used the drone to capture some local landmarks. Took in the high street as well as the course and the amazing views over Bass Rock, Craigleith, Lamb and Fidra

Don’t leave what you look like to chance, make your own content and showcase your club as you want it to be seen.

Watch the North Berwick video here:

(68) North Berwick West Links: Your Perfect Day – YouTube

Other North Berwick resources are here:

North Berwick (north-berwick.co.uk)

Home :: North Berwick Golf Club

Half term happenings

We were down in Staines this week filming at The Matthew Arnold School. During holidays, such as the current half term, they need to fill up the sports facilities with paying customers, and to help them do this they use the online platform www.Bookteq.com It was half term so the facilities were busy with activities from kids clubs through to football matches.

Plenty of outdoor space allowed us to capture some nice drone pictures, as well as getting some great video recorded by the team. Great to see a technology provider delivering a business solution for schools, colleges and clubs. Bravo!!

You can book facilities at The Matthew Arnold School here: Lifestyle Fitness Matthew Arnold, London | Sports Facility Hire | Playfinder

Four seasons in one day

We have been caught out by the weather on occasion. As an outdoor filming date starts to get close we will be daily checking our weather app to see how things are looking.

For corporate video work, outdoor filming looks so much better than indoor. We take lights to most shoots but room lighting is hard to control, and often there is some reason why certain windows or doors cannot be covered up.

Flexibility is needed to swap a schedule around to take into account whatever weather front is rolling in. Modern kit today can withstand some moisture, but filming in an all out downpour never looks good, unless that is the look you want. The Weather and climate change – Met Office is our friend.

A site visit in advance is also helpful so we have a couple of options to get what you need filmed. For drone flying we check in advance any local restrictions that might be in place.

Then there is sport…If the event isn’t called off, then you just have to get the shots…. 

Content for apps

We’ve been enjoying getting to know the Powerlifting community through Brawn, the cool new app, that allows lifters to track their progress. Each Powerlifter we met had their own story and training regime. Apart from tracking personal bests and acting as a training record there are also virtual events to enter and win prizes.

Creating bespoke content is necessary for most new apps to quickly get across your message and let your target audience know what to do next.

Check out Brawn on insta Powerlifting Community – Brawn (@brawn_power) • Instagram photos and videos

or signup direct Brawn

Power, lights, action

We were delighted to work with the new power lifting app Brawn, which helps you track your reps and weights. It also connects lifters together to see how you are performing against fellow app users. All of the lifters we have gotten to know have been very friendly and it has been a window onto a world that previously we hadn’t been exposed to.

Each of the lifters we met had their own stories of what brought them to power lifting. Filming and editing their stories has been a real pleasure. We were commissioned to film a series of promotional and information videos to attract new users to the app.

Video production in gyms is entertaining as space is tight and there are mirrors everywhere. We were a little spoilt as this particular gym was home based so we didn’t have to dodge other gym users. You can check out the app at www.brawn.co.uk. It is open to all levels and very welcoming, so if you are interested in finding out more, give it a try.



Do’s and don’ts of promoting your golf club

We recently spent some time in Scotland filming  at the beautiful North Berwick West Links golf course (https://www.northberwickgolfclub.com/) and it got us thinking about how golf courses target golfers through digital campaigns. The major players like Google and Facebook offer a range of ways to target your advertising (location, interests, consumer spending etc.) but you have to make sure you show them the right content.

Everyone has a phone with a camera and most clubs have a member who has a drone, but you need to exercise some creative control and  plan your ‘key’ messages. What footage you film, how you film it and the way it is edited and presented say alot about your club.

Golf courses are well maintained beautiful locations, so ideal for video coverage. Get some professional video done each year, then supplement this with club captured content and you will be well on your way to having a great digital strategy.



Have something professionally put together under which other club generated content can sit.

Use stills and short videos to showcase the changing seasons of the course.

Regularly post beautiful or interesting pictures to Instagram.

Use short videos for quick updates (but make sure the person talking is captured well and is someone who is a good ambassador for the club).

Have content checked by more than one person before it is posted.

Have video content to promote membership, golf days and visitor rounds specially filmed.

Involve the staff – they often see things that others don’t.



Use lots of ‘amateur’ looking footage to promote the club.

Over-use drone footage, it gets boring very quickly!

Copy links from You Tube straight to Facebook posts, take the time to upload clips to FB as well, it will get more views and stay on the timelines for longer.

Over-use graphics. People are intelligent and know how to get in touch, so don’t feel then need to keep web addresses and phone numbers on all material all the time.

Don’t try to show highlights like they are on TV. Most people will see your content on a phone, and the ball will be very small, so spend more time on interesting interviews, mood and style shots.


Kicking it

As we prepare for the excitement of Euro 2020, we checked in to the Worsley Marriott Hotel and checked out Emile Heskey’s thoughts on his career for Bet Vision.

During his time he had stints at Liverpool and Leicester among others, and also played for England under four different managers. Who better to tell you how he thinks the Championship will play out.

Emile came through the elite player pathway on his journey, from under 16s upwards. We asked him who was his favourite England coach to play for, his answer was Sven Goran Eriksson, due to his planning and meticulous preparation. Emile also gave us his views on England’s group matches against Croatia, Scotland and Czech Republic.

Emile is now on the coaching staff at Leicester City FC.

More details from the official tournament website here:

UEFA EURO 2020 | UEFA.com


Different Season/Same Day …edits

Leeds Video Production are hired by event organisers who need to distribute quality video content during their event.

We put in a video content crew to film, edit and upload clips so event organisers can focus on running their event. Taking the content creation headache away. Also, this way you can control what messages are delivered, to which platform and when.

These clips can be of interest to national and local new channels. We contact to the news room teams and let them know what we have and when it will be sent through. This way the news rooms are ready and waiting for what we send through. Sometimes they come back with requests for content involving certain players, which we can fulfill.

This type of coverage is great as it is exponential to the channels normally used (like the event database). In the past we’ve distributed our content and it has been used on the BBC, ITV and Sky.

For more content check out www.leedsvideoproduction.co.uk



Video Production for sport

As we come back to a bit more freedom we’ve been delighted to visit and film at some community sports stadiums. Attached are a few pictures from Tooting and Mitcham FC’s wonderful facility at Imperial Fields. Here they have a great selection of both artificial pitches and a grass main pitch.

When we were there, lots of activity was happening including some work on the indoor facilities. We were able to drone the stadium and film a training session.

It was plain to see how much they are part of their community and why sport needs to be back! You can check them out here https://www.tmunited.org/

We’ll post some of our examples in due course to our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/leedsvideoproductions