Building a bright future

Working filming at a construction site recently we were reflecting on how work environments have improved. This particular job was on a new house development site and it was clear that their standards and procedures were top notch.

Everyone who we dealt with, on-site, sales, reception, contractors were pleasant and helpful. It was a pleasure to be there and congratulations to Redrow for running a really great operation (

We do corporate video for residential and commercial, for brands, agencies and house builders. This includes show home, drone work, time lapse and marketing which can include special effects.

LVP Property Showreel – YouTube


Four seasons in one day

We have been caught out by the weather on occasion. As an outdoor filming date starts to get close we will be daily checking our weather app to see how things are looking.

For corporate video work, outdoor filming looks so much better than indoor. We take lights to most shoots but room lighting is hard to control, and often there is some reason why certain windows or doors cannot be covered up.

Flexibility is needed to swap a schedule around to take into account whatever weather front is rolling in. Modern kit today can withstand some moisture, but filming in an all out downpour never looks good, unless that is the look you want. The Weather and climate change – Met Office is our friend.

A site visit in advance is also helpful so we have a couple of options to get what you need filmed. For drone flying we check in advance any local restrictions that might be in place.

Then there is sport…If the event isn’t called off, then you just have to get the shots…. 

Training ground to match day

Getting content from sports clubs, players, managers and staff isn’t always straight forward. Every time we do a job at a club we know there are different departments who need to know who you are, what you are there to do, with whom and when. On top of that with the current restrictions it is more important than ever to know what you are doing.

Security, health and safety, groundspeople, media, commercial, players, managers, it can be problematic, but treat people well and usually things work out fine.

Our clients, in many cases sponsors, can also help by working with their contacts to make sure we are all there with the same end in mind.

Drone work is an area that many clubs have policies and procedures about, and conditions change depending on whether it is match day or not. We are always respectful of the access we get and double check if we need to about where we can access.

Players have many demands placed upon them. Some of them are quite shy and really don’t like the publicity side of things, but most of the time we make people feel at ease and work around anyone who is uncomfortable. As players develop they become more comfortable on-camera and some of them you can tell really enjoy it, particularly when the finished product makes them look cool.

Kicking it

As we prepare for the excitement of Euro 2020, we checked in to the Worsley Marriott Hotel and checked out Emile Heskey’s thoughts on his career for Bet Vision.

During his time he had stints at Liverpool and Leicester among others, and also played for England under four different managers. Who better to tell you how he thinks the Championship will play out.

Emile came through the elite player pathway on his journey, from under 16s upwards. We asked him who was his favourite England coach to play for, his answer was Sven Goran Eriksson, due to his planning and meticulous preparation. Emile also gave us his views on England’s group matches against Croatia, Scotland and Czech Republic.

Emile is now on the coaching staff at Leicester City FC.

More details from the official tournament website here:

UEFA EURO 2020 |


Stadium stories with Emile Keskey

We enjoyed working over at Bolton Wanderers Stadium with former England, Leicester, Bolton and Liverpool legend Emile Heskey.

Working at stadiums is a bit of an art form as you need to work with the commercial teams and grounds staff to make everything happen. It is great when you have a professional like Emile who takes everything in his stride and he was even happy to re-enact one of his famous goal celebrations. He often gets stopped in the street and reminded of the 5 – 1 England v Germany match when he scored one of the goals.

Now coaching at Leicester City Emile is also doing various bit of promotion and punditry during the European Championships. Who does he think will win the tournament? Well England of course, he did play under four different England coaches, but he says he preferred Sven. All the details from the official website:

UEFA EURO 2020 |

Video for schools and education

Video content for schools has become really important in the last year. More parents (and their children) are interested in content about places they wish to attend. Having your own video, shot in the style you want, with the right audio and graphics is within easy reach.

You can choose to include shots of facilities, interviews with staff, current and past pupil experiences, all the things that help to inform the viewer as to the ethos of the school. Your video should encapsulate all that you would want someone to know.

It doesn’t replace an in person visit, but it helps potential students make choices about where they want to visit.


Video Production for sport

As we come back to a bit more freedom we’ve been delighted to visit and film at some community sports stadiums. Attached are a few pictures from Tooting and Mitcham FC’s wonderful facility at Imperial Fields. Here they have a great selection of both artificial pitches and a grass main pitch.

When we were there, lots of activity was happening including some work on the indoor facilities. We were able to drone the stadium and film a training session.

It was plain to see how much they are part of their community and why sport needs to be back! You can check them out here

We’ll post some of our examples in due course to our Facebook page

Grass roots is back

Great that grass roots sport is set to return. We cover all types of sport, but it is especially fun to work with people who do it because they love it. Filming same day video production clips from these events is fulfiling. We work with media managers, coaches, players, spectators, sponsors, event owners, infact just about everyone involved with putting on an event.

If you are an event owner and have spent time and money getting it together, you have to video it to showcase all your hard work and to build the awareness for it. If you ever want to talk through ideas for covering your event, just drop us an email to

Location Location Location

The property market in Leeds and West Yorkshire continues to be bouyant. The stamp duty, the lock down, everything has got people interested in changing their living conditions. We were very impressed with the size of this dorma whilst doing a property video recently. It helped that we had a gorgeous morning for flying the drone too. For landlords, house sellers and estate agents great video production is essential. People expect a good video showing off a property to its best.


Today we are on assignment at a Grammar school in Birmingham, so it is video production ‘on the road’. Our last two locations have been at schools capturing promotional video. Filming at schools is always a fun challenge, especially when there is so much going on. Primary school, junior school, senior school, boarders, sports, lessons, drama and music productions, there is a lot to tell people about. We mix drone filming with handheld cameras, with a variety of super slow mo, action shots and interviews to create great content. Schools often have alumni and Linked In groups to let ex-students know what is going on as well as prospective new pupil and parent information to distribute. It is always great to see our work help promote schools and get them a lot of viewers.