Power, lights, action

We were delighted to work with the new power lifting app Brawn, which helps you track your reps and weights. It also connects lifters together to see how you are performing against fellow app users. All of the lifters we have gotten to know have been very friendly and it has been a window onto a world that previously we hadn’t been exposed to.

Each of the lifters we met had their own stories of what brought them to power lifting. Filming and editing their stories has been a real pleasure. We were commissioned to film a series of promotional and information videos to attract new users to the app.

Video production in gyms is entertaining as space is tight and there are mirrors everywhere. We were a little spoilt as this particular gym was home based so we didn’t have to dodge other gym users. You can check out the app at www.brawn.co.uk. It is open to all levels and very welcoming, so if you are interested in finding out more, give it a try.



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