Word Up!

When we put together your video content there are a couple of options around words.

Many videos are edited together by asking people a series of open questions. This gives us answers that we can edit to create the content you want. This method usually keeps the interviewee more relaxed. This is important if you want people to look and sound natural. Sometimes you end up with even better answers than you were expecting.

Another way is a more structured style where you write the words you want said in advance and we can use an autocue when filming. If you need to cover off specific information in a corporate video, this is a great way to make sure that nothing gets missed. The person speaking needs to practice in advance of filming as autocue apps have lots of settings that determine the pace.

Lastly don’t forget to consider graphics. Whether they are fixed or motion, 2D or 3D, graphics are a great way to present ideas in a way that supports the message you want to convey. Any questions please ask….


Video drone work

Drones are a common site, but you have to be careful not to fall foul of the law. LVP have been flying drones professionally for over 4 years.

Houses, factories and other commercial buildings can be difficult to see from the ground, so we assist businesses with our qualified and insured drone service. This particular job was to help the client find the source of a roof leak.

Filming video in 4K the camera picks up all the detail needed for an initial assessment. The pictures and video can be shared with specialists prior to visiting to give them a head start on problem solving. There are many regulations about flying drones and doing so safely. No commercial work can be undertaken by anyone without insurance so make sure you ask this question.

Drone filming can bring something cinematic to a corporate video, although you have to get u early or stay light to get the best light.

If you want to see our drone show reel click here:


Creating Great Content

Many businesses who are successful online take an active approach to creating content. If you are spending time and money on an event, an initiative or a campaign, it will be more effective by adding video. Your efforts will get more engagement, people will be more interested and you will get more response. Supplement what you create internally with a master look and feel to pull it all together and raise the production value. Cinematic drone shots of your building, some key interviews, some nice graphics and you can add a professional layer to your idea.  Animation and 3-D graphics are also an option for your video production. It is quick and easy to create great content, and you can do more than just a corporate video.

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