Video for business

It is always great creating video content for new businesses.

We have enjoyed providing content for . The Brawn inGym connects a gym with its lifters creating strong connections through easy-to-use AI-driven gym floor technology.

It encourages regular in-gym strength training by cleverly monitoring, celebrating and rewarding member participation and progress on the gym floor, creating a sense of belonging that builds loyalty to gyms and increases member retention.

It was great to work with the team at the wonderful in Leeds. We were able to use their brilliant facility to film interviews and content with regular exercisers and gym goers. We pride ourselves on being flexible and creating content that can be re-purposed across social media and digital channels. Watch the Brawn video with Leeds gym owner Tony Barnes here Brawn In Gym How it works – YouTube

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It was great to spend time at gym recently for

The clever people at Brawn have put together an in-gym experience that allows gym members to record and upload their progress. This is displayed on screens around the gym and allows both friendly competitions and shout-outs for prizes.

Community challenges are also part of the fun so a gym can try to reach an overall target together. were there to film some ‘how to’ videos and produce content.

The Graft Haus is a brilliant gym located off Kirkstall Road. Loads of gear, nice friendly staff, you couldn’t ask for more in a gym.

Content for apps

We’ve been enjoying getting to know the Powerlifting community through Brawn, the cool new app, that allows lifters to track their progress. Each Powerlifter we met had their own story and training regime. Apart from tracking personal bests and acting as a training record there are also virtual events to enter and win prizes.

Creating bespoke content is necessary for most new apps to quickly get across your message and let your target audience know what to do next.

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