Half term happenings

We were down in Staines this week filming at The Matthew Arnold School. During holidays, such as the current half term, they need to fill up the sports facilities with paying customers, and to help them do this they use the online platform It was half term so the facilities were busy with activities from kids clubs through to football matches.

Plenty of outdoor space allowed us to capture some nice drone pictures, as well as getting some great video recorded by the team. Great to see a technology provider delivering a business solution for schools, colleges and clubs. Bravo!!

You can book facilities at The Matthew Arnold School here: Lifestyle Fitness Matthew Arnold, London | Sports Facility Hire | Playfinder

Four seasons in one day

We have been caught out by the weather on occasion. As an outdoor filming date starts to get close we will be daily checking our weather app to see how things are looking.

For corporate video work, outdoor filming looks so much better than indoor. We take lights to most shoots but room lighting is hard to control, and often there is some reason why certain windows or doors cannot be covered up.

Flexibility is needed to swap a schedule around to take into account whatever weather front is rolling in. Modern kit today can withstand some moisture, but filming in an all out downpour never looks good, unless that is the look you want. The Weather and climate change – Met Office is our friend.

A site visit in advance is also helpful so we have a couple of options to get what you need filmed. For drone flying we check in advance any local restrictions that might be in place.

Then there is sport…If the event isn’t called off, then you just have to get the shots…. 

Training ground to match day

Getting content from sports clubs, players, managers and staff isn’t always straight forward. Every time we do a job at a club we know there are different departments who need to know who you are, what you are there to do, with whom and when. On top of that with the current restrictions it is more important than ever to know what you are doing.

Security, health and safety, groundspeople, media, commercial, players, managers, it can be problematic, but treat people well and usually things work out fine.

Our clients, in many cases sponsors, can also help by working with their contacts to make sure we are all there with the same end in mind.

Drone work is an area that many clubs have policies and procedures about, and conditions change depending on whether it is match day or not. We are always respectful of the access we get and double check if we need to about where we can access.

Players have many demands placed upon them. Some of them are quite shy and really don’t like the publicity side of things, but most of the time we make people feel at ease and work around anyone who is uncomfortable. As players develop they become more comfortable on-camera and some of them you can tell really enjoy it, particularly when the finished product makes them look cool.

Not so crowded house

In previous years we would have been looking forward to filming at a new year of sports events, but sadly that isn’t possible right now. We are all missing it, and the sooner it returns the better. In the meantime we have to carry on, remembering all the good times we’ve had. We particularly enjoyed filming this clip with some rugby legends.